MS prepares to sunset older versions of IE on Jan 12

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The sun is setting on older versions of Internet Explorer, and Microsoft is making sure users know about it. The software giant isn’t just ending support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, it’s also going to bug you about it. The final patch on January 12th will come with an update nag that reminds people still using these aged browsers that they ought to upgrade. Microsoft would certainly...

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More People Using MAC’S at Work

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Macs are a growing force in enterprise environments, and the IT professionals who are at the cutting edge of this evolution know it: 67 percent of them believe the Mac will “cut into PC share over the next three years.” That’s according to a survey taken by JAMF Software. The survey results also indicate that nearly all IT professionals (96 percent) support at least some Macs. It’s worth taking...

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MTC Voted Best Computer Consultants of 2015

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mainstream Technology Consultants Receives 2015 Best of Morgan Hill Award Morgan Hill Award Program Honors the Achievement MORGAN HILL September 30, 2015 — Mainstream Technology Consultants has been selected for the 2015 Best of Morgan Hill Award in the Computer Consultant category by the Morgan Hill Award Program. Each year, the Morgan Hill Award Program identifies...

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Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

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Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. For example, to copy text you can highlight text and press the Ctrl + C shortcut. The shortcut is faster than moving your hands from the keyboard, highlighting with the mouse, choosing copy from the file menu, and then returning to...

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