Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a simple, secure way to automatically back up server and computer files and folders.

How it works

  • A client is installed on each machine (PC, Laptop, or Server) that needs to be backed up
  • Users select which files and folders should be backed up
  • An initial backup is performed and then subsequent backups are performed automatically
  • Data can be restored through client or through the end user control panel

Easy to useonline backup

  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Automatic backup – set it and forget it
  • Online means no more backup to tape drives or hard disks

Provides security and peace of mind

  • Protect critical business information from theft, loss, and corruption
  • Quick restoration minimizes costly downtime
  • Centralized control, managed through the end user control panel


  • A low-cost, per user monthly fee
  • Storage pooled across all users at your company